How to Apply

Applying our nail wraps is quick and easy! Below are step-by-step instructions that you can follow, in pictorial and video form.

We have also included some tips at the bottom of the page that helps to keep the nail wraps on for a longer time. 



Before application:

  • Wash your hands clean of any hand lotions or oils for the nail wraps to adhere well; this also means that it is not recommended to apply any hand cream, lotions or oil before applying the wraps
  • If you have naturally smooth, glossy or oily nails, we recommend buffing your nails prior to application for the nail wraps to adhere better
  • If you have uneven nails, we recommend applying a base coat to help even out the surface

During application:

  • Choose the size of the nail wrap that is slightly smaller than your nail bed
  • If you like to, you can easily trim the nail wraps with a pair of scissors to fit better to your nails
  • Place the nail wrap above the cuticle, not on it, to prevent the nail wraps from flipping up easily

After application:

  • If you wish to, apply a top coat for extra shine and smoothness
  • However, please note that not all top coats are compatible with the nail wraps, kindly refer to the list below
  • Try not to take a shower, swim, or do activities that require to soak your fingers in water soon after the application 
  • In the event that your nail wraps seems a little loose after showering or after doing the dishes on the first day of application, do not try to take it off. It will re-adhere to your nails once it dries up and will adhere a lot more stronger the next day. 

Compatible top coats: Non-compatible top coats:
Etos Gel Look top coat Seche Vite dry fast top coat
Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat  
HEMA topcoat nail polish gel look  
Catrice Iconails gel topcoat  
nails inc. 45 second Rapid Dry Topcoat powered by Retinol  

There are many top coats out there and this is what we have for now. 

If you come across any tips and tricks that are not listed above (including the top coats that are compatible or not compatible with our nail wraps), contact us and receive 10% off your next purchase!