Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is in a WMN package?

Each WMN package comes with:

2. How long do the nail wraps last?

The nail wraps can last up to an average of 10 days, depending on your activities. The nail wraps will last longer with a top coat. If your nail wraps can last longer than 10 days, we do not recommend keeping them on for more than 14 days as the adhesive may dry your nails.

3. What is meant by WMN nail wraps being non-toxic?

WMN nail wraps are free of the 3 infamous toxins found in nail polish, namely formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (and other phthalate contents).

4. Are the nail wraps suitable for pregnant ladies and children?

With no presence of harmful toxins, the nail wraps are suitable for use by pregnant ladies. This does not include the usage of base coat and top coat if any. Application of base coat and top coat are optional. Please check if your choice of base coat and top coat are safe for use by pregnant ladies if you would like to use them. The nail wraps are suitable for children above 3 years old. Avoid oral contact, and adult supervision is required for small children.

5. What if the nail wraps don’t fit well according to the size of my nails?

Each WMN package comes with 16 double-ended nail wraps of different sizes as shown below: 


If you like to, you can easily trim the sides of the nail wraps using a pair of scissors to better fit your nails. 

6. Can I shower after application of the nail wraps?

We recommend that you apply the nail wraps after you shower, do the dishes or after any other water activities because the nail wraps take time to fully adhere to your nails. In the event that you applied your nail wraps before these activities and they seem a little loose afterwards on the first day, do not try to take it off. The nail wraps will re-adhere to your nails once it dries up again and they will fully adhere to your nails on the next day. 

7. Do you offer customisation?

Yes, we would love to do collaborations with brands and design sets of nail art tailored to them! If you are interested in looking at this for upcoming campaigns or promotions, you can contact us using the contact form or email us at hello@wrapmynails.nl