About Us

WrapMyNails aims to make nail art and styled nails accessible to everyone for everyday use. WMN nail wraps are fuss free, quick and easy to apply with little cost. We offer a range of classic colours and designs to more complicated and unique designs that suit all kinds of occasions. Now everyone can easily have the perfect nails at all times! Be it attending events such as weddings and parties, or for work, school and travel, or just picking a nail design that suits your clothes or even your mood! 

Who are we?

WrapMyNails is started by a nail enthusiast who loves to get her nails done, sometimes with unique nail art designs and sometimes with a simple and classic look. She is always intrigued with how art can be done on a ‘small canvas’ like our nails. But getting your nails done is not always so easy and it can also be expensive. Sometimes you don’t have the time to make appointments and visit the nail salons, sometimes you have to attend an event at the last minute. Sometimes getting your nails done professionally is just out of your budget. She would like to share a more convenient and affordable option of getting the perfect nails and that was how WrapMyNails was started!

What is so good about WMN nail wraps?

WMN nail wraps are:

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Quick and easy to apply with no drying time

Every WMN set comes with everything that you need to apply the nail wraps, with no drying time needed. You can apply them easily and have your nails done in 15 minutes!

Non-toxic and scentless

WMN nail wraps are rid of the 3 most infamous toxins (formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate) that are present in most nail polishes, and are scentless.

Unique designs with a professional look

WMN has 3 main collections: Nail Art, Solid Colours, and Glitters. From classic and timeless designs to trendy and unique nail art, each collection is carefully created to fit the seasons.


Getting nail art done in nail salons often comes with a high cost. WMN makes nail art possible at a much lower cost and accessible to everyone!

Cater to different nail sizes

Each WMN set comes with 16 double-ended nail wraps of different sizes that fit almost all nail sizes.